BABY HERO Manual standing wheelchair

//BABY HERO Manual standing wheelchair

BABY HERO Manual standing wheelchair

Product Specifications:

  • aluminium frame,
  • detachable backrest,
  • nylon upholstery,
  • guard rail,
  • positioning belt,
  • adjustable headrest,
  • swing-away armrests,
  • rear, anti-tip wheels,
  • front stabilization pad,
  • swing-away, detachable footplate of adjustable height,
  • heel loop,
  • safety belt,
  • brakes of adjustable strength,
  • knee protectors,
  • rear pneumatic wheels 22’’ with quick disassemble system,
  • 6’’ front wheels,
  • handgrips,
  • controller.
Catalogue number: DRVL0G

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