Dynamic Parapodium Gym

//Dynamic Parapodium Gym

Dynamic Parapodium Gym

Product Specifications:

  • advanced, stable and esthetic construcion,
  • proper limbs and trunk stabilization,
  • wide range of adjustment: height and width adjustable, specifix gravity adjustable, vest height adjustable and handles adjustable,
  • construction allows safe and right standing position and movement (treading) for patient with lower limbs’ paralysis,
  • adjustment of length step,
  • hip belt open at the back,
  • additional stabilizing torso belt,
  • foot platform with stabilizing belts,
  • arch-like front rings,
  • additional equipment: wirst holders, wedge.

Use: Rehabilitation device especially useful for patients with paraplegia, spina bifida /cystic /and children with cerebral palsy. It allows patient to ambulate independently.

Catalogue number: PDN

Product Description