Ray Rehabilitative Stroller

//Ray Rehabilitative Stroller

Ray Rehabilitative Stroller

The stroller is designed for children with CP, Myelomeningocele, muscular disorders, lower limb dysfunctions.

Product specifications:

  • aluminium-steel frame,
  • adjustable backrest position (90°-110°),
  • adjustable seat depth (35-40 cm),
  • swivel front wheels, inflatable (18 cm) or full (17 cm),
  • inflatable or full rear wheels (25 cm) with braking system independent for each wheel,
  • ergonomic handles allow a comfortable grip for people of different height, easy to carry,
  • foldable, steel footrest with adjustable height 32 – 40 cm,
  • seat belts protecting against falling out, with adjustable height setting,
  • standard equipment: abductive belts, safety belts, headrest, shopping basket, footrest cover,
  • optional equipment: canopy, abductive wedge, (guard needed), guard, table, rain cover, sleeping bag, feet stabilizing straps.

Product Card: Ray rehabilitative stroller

Catalogue number: DRVG0H



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