Silver aluminum wheelchair

//Silver aluminum wheelchair

Silver aluminum wheelchair

Product Specifications:

  • foldable, aluminium frame,
  • adjustable seat,
  • safety belts,
  • lifted armrests (removable and tilting to rear),
  • lifted footrests (removable and tilting to rear),
  • belt retaining calfs,
  • brakes with pressure adjustment,
  • rear wheels equipped with quick-release lock system,
  • anti-tip wheels (height adjustable),
  • anti-bedsore cushion,
  • reflective elements,
  • pocket under seat upholstery and under backrest,
  • modular construction,
  • suitable for amputees,
  • profiled handles for caretaker,
  • possibility to adjust angle of the seat through customize height of wheels,
  • aluminum spokes,
  • adjustable angle of front wheels,
  • ability to change the center of gravity by moving driving wheels backwards,
  • attractive design,
  • set widths: 16’’ / 17’’ / 18’’ /20’’
  • pump included (for wheelchairs with pumped wheels),
  • keys included,
  • wheelchair colour: silver, upholstery colour: black (possibility to remove the backrest of upholstery).

Use General use wheelchair, at home and for strolls.

Product Card – Silver aluminum wheelchair

 Catalogue number: VCWK9ASR

Product Description