Spring multifunctional rehabilitative device

//Spring multifunctional rehabilitative device
  • Spring multifunctional rehabilitative device

Spring multifunctional rehabilitative device

Product Specifications:

• multifunctional rehabilitative device made of wood,

• seat with the option of the angle and depth adjustment,

• side stabilizers, which are adjustable in the vertical and horizontal plane,

• smooth adjustment of the backrest angle from the sitting position 90° to the lying position 0° through the use of gas springs,

•reclination angle smooth adjustment of the seat from -15° to 80°, front – back manual extension,

•footrest: height adjustment, gradual, every 15° (7 positions) adjustment of the angle of the footrests from 0 ° (horizontal, contractual position) to 90° (vertical, contractual position – the same as after removing from the packaging),

•foot support: equipped with heel counter and supporting strap, adjustment in three planes (front/back, left/right, tilting),

•abduction wedge, adjustable in the horizontal plane,

•armrests with option of the adjustable height and angle.

•table for manual exercises and play (with the cut-out for the trunk) with adjustment of height and tilt angle, equipped with stabilizing vest,

•swivel wheels with clamps,

•adjustable headrest: height and covering occipital cranium part,

•support of the cervical spine, adjustable vertically.

Product Card – Spring multifunctional rehabilitative device

 Catalogue number: DRVF04

Product Description


The chair has been mainly designed for children suffering from Celebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, muscular dystrophy and the upper motor neuron lesion damage of various etiology. The structure of the rehabilitative device Spring enables the child to take a verticalized, sitting or lying position as well as any indirect position. The multifunctionality and the modular structure of the chair allows adjustment of it to the size and functional possibilities of the patient as well as to his/her individual therapeutic needs.